4 Day Transylvania Tour

This tour comes in two versions: Basic and Comfy.

Basic is the cheaper version for the hardy traveler. The accommodation is with village families, bathrooms are included but toilets are outside pit toilets. Travel is by mini-bus. More days are spent in the villages. This tour is more demanding, but is also very rewarding as you get a closer look at village life and have a chance to get to know the people.

Comfy is a more comfortable version. Accommodation is in comfortable hotels. Travel is always by comfortable minibus. Time in the villages is broken up with visits to places of interest and historical sites.

Apart from these differences the tours are essentially the same.

4 Day Transylvania — Comfy

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Itinerary — Comfy

4 Day Transylvania — Basic

Itinerary — Basic

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4 Day Transylvania in 2005

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