Carpathian Tours also offer custom designed tours for dance groups wishing to learn Hungarian dances from Hungary, Slovakia or Transylvania/Romania.

If your group already knows which dance they would like to learn we can organise exclusive dance teaching from the best teachers of that dance. Just tell us the standard of accommodation you require, and we will organise a place for your group to stay as close as possible to the village whose dance is to be taught. Teaching, rehearsal hall, live or recorded music, travel details and restaurant recommendations or meals will be provided. The timing and length of the teaching will be discussed with each group.

Our organisation believes strongly in the value of learning about the culture and traditions of the village whose style of dance you are learning. The connection of dancers and musicians, the songs, customs and community are an integral part of the dance itself. These elements are what brings the dance and music to life and give it meaning.

So although a professional dance teacher will be your teacher for the duration, dancers and musicians from the village itself will be brought to the teaching hall if possible and the group will be taken to the village to meet the locals, learn about its culture and party with the local musicians & dancers. A dance is changed forever when you visit the place and people it has come from!

Unfortunately with the rapidly changing technology and economy in this part of the world the village music and dance is not a living tradition in every village. This is particularly so within Hungary itself. So for certain dances, local musicians and dancers cannot be guaranteed. This will be discussed when organising a tour for your group.

If you are not sure which dance you would like to learn, please contact us and we can help to suggest a suitable dance for your group.

Educational materials will be provided, including written information on the region, village dance and music history and culture. A video of the dance taught made during the tour will be supplied. Recordings of the music can be arranged.

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