Carpathian Tours offer you a rare and precious insight into the rural lifestyle of Transylvania, Eastern Slovakia and Hungary where a wedding still goes for three days, bread is baked in the wood oven outside, the seasons dominate life and the local musicians are available day or night to cheer you up if you are feeling down.

As well as visiting musicians, our tours take you off the beaten track and out of the cities to meet shepherds, tradesmen and farmers. Talking with the locals we learn about their lives today (your guide will translate), taste the local cheese, wine and regional specialities. To walk off the delicious home cooking we stroll through the villages and walk in the mountains and gorges of the Carpathians.

As the years go by life is changing in this region and we are losing the musical tradition along with the musicians. These tours are an experience never to be forgotten and the time to experience one is now before this extraordinary culture disappears forever.

Travelling from Budapest through Hungary to Transylvania/Romania, Carpathian Tours offer you a unique chance to experience this extraordinary culture in relative comfort. Private minibus travel, a full-time guide, all meals provided, accommodation in comfortable hotels and/or family stay in a village. Tour group sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 people and to a minimum of 5 people. Travel time is restricted to an average of three hours per day.

If you don't find the dates you want offered, contact us at info@carpathiantours.com.au let us know your preferred dates and tour and we can try to find a group to go with you. Or talk to your friends, get together a group of five and we are away!

All tours are in English and led by an Australian with thirteen years experience in the music, culture and travel of the area, accompanied by a local guide. Optional talks and videos on the music and dance history, cultural influences, regional differences and current traditions are offered throughout the tour.

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